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Q.  How do I become a Pad-Make-Rdealer?
A.  Ask. Dealers buy at -50%; Opening Dealer order is $150.00+.  Click Here to        request more info.
Q.  How did you start finding customers?
A.  I created 66 templates on my computer with an index of the artwork.
      See Samples. I didn’t do 1/6th-page pads then. but the same principle       applies to any pad you want to offer your friends, business associates or       customers.

      I rented a small flea market space land sold both finished pads and kits.
      People would order and pay for their pad(s), then pick up later. Pads dry in       10+ minutes, depending on weather conditions.
     For an extra charge, customers could order special artwork or bring their       own photos which I scanned using my Printer/Copy/Scan/Fax machine.  
Q.  What’s the most you’ve made of one pad?
A.  10,000 individual 1/4-page pads for hand-outs at a national convention.       Included Pad-Bak™ and 4 sheets imprinted with client’s information in the       header and footer areas.
      I print & pad many 1,000-unit orders similar to the above but now usually in       1/6-page (shirt-pocket size) size that people use like calling cards or for       counter hand-outs instead of more expensive pens, etc. They vary from 2       to 10 sheets per pad.      

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