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Q.  How many pads can I make with a 2-oz jar of pad adhesive?
A.  Lots and lots. Always shake the jar first... There will be enough on the inside       of the cap to make a pad.
Q.  Why can’t I just use Elmer’s Glue?
A.  Go ahead and try it... Many people do and then buy our Pad Adhesive.       
Q.  Tightening the wing-nuts hurts my fingers.
A.  We only want to hold paper together, not smash atoms. Lighten up, Folks!
Q.  Can I mix the Adhesives together?
A.  Yes. Certain cosmetic gals mix red and white = pink. We pre-mix red and       blue for an Insurance Company’s maroon corporate color.
Q.  My glue is getting too thick. Can I thin it out?
A.  Yes. Add tiny amounts of water. I suggest placing clinging food wrap over       the jar before replacing the cap to completely seal the jar.
Q.  Is Pad-Bak™ necessary?
A.  It gives strength & stability when holding the pad to write, so I suppose so.
Q.  How thick can I make a pad?
A.  As thick as you want, but over 40-60 sheets isn’t practical. It becomes too       tall to easily write upon without contortionist’s fingers.
Q.  Can I make multiple pads at once?
A.  Yes. As thick as the press expands. Let the adhesive dry then slice the pads       apart with a sharp knife. You can also pull them apart if you don’t mind       losing a sheet or two in the process.
Q.  What software do you use?
A.  My preference is Serif’s PagePlusX5 or WordPerfect. They allow dividing the       page into many (pad) configurations.  But most any word processor,       spreadsheet or publishing program will work, including Sun’s FREE Open       Office Suite.
Q.  Do you really just use scissors to cut the paper?
A.  When I first started, I used standard kitchen/desk scissors. Wanting to       improve efficiency, I bought a pair of long-bladed scissors. Then I went to a       desktop cutter as found in office supply stores. THEN, a commercial cutter      was added for increased productivity as my pad-making business increased.
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