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How To Make Neat Pads

Instructions are included with each kit, but here are the basics:

The Pad Recipe is:
A computer
A printer
Pad-Mak-R Kit
Step 1
Determine the size of pad
Using a word processor or desktop publishing program,
Sub-divide the page to the desired shape and size
Insert and position any graphic
Create the text
Copy and Paste the finished pad into the other blocks on the page.
Print the page.
Step 2
Cut the paper to Pad-Bak™ size.
Add Pad-Bak™ between pad sheets
Stack and tap on a hard surface to align the edge to be adhesified.
(my word, so don’t bother looking it up.. It means ‘to glue’)
Insert one or more pads into the Pad-Mak-R paper press
Tap on a hard surface
again to align the edge to be adhesified
Tighten the wing-nuts to a firm but not smashing tension
Apply Pad-Mak-R™ Pad Adhesive
One solid coat is sufficient.
Let dry or until tacky
Remove from press
Slice apart if more than one pad was created
Repeat entire process as needed

If you have any problems, ask your kids or grand kids to help.
They not only can figure these things out, but
They have great computer knowledge and
Finger dexterity is demonstrated by their texting / gaming skills.
You can also call me. :-)